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Simple turnkey operation

Meadow offers easy setup, intuitive navigation, and seamless integration with your existing systems for an efficient transition into the metaverse. Flexibility with Meadow is a key benefit.

Clients can select from pre-designed room templates or opt for uniquely tailored environments. Meadow also provides a creator’s kit, empowering creative teams and agencies to collaborate and build end-to-end environments utilizing our tech stack. For bigger and more ambitious projects, the Meadow team is prepared to turn a client’s business vision or concept into breathtaking custom 3D environments.

Meadow Features

Spatial communication

Meadow offers diverse communication options, including:

Spatial voice chat for realistic, proximity-based conversations.
Room-based text chat for group discussions.
Private chat for one-on-one dialogues, and acoustically isolated spaces for uninterrupted private conversations.

In addition, tools like speaker mode and announcement features give hosts and moderators full control over end user communications.

Compatibility and integrations

Meadow's platform, built on the robust Unreal Engine 5, ensures high visual fidelity, complex interactions, and the power to build immersive spaces at scale.

The platform prioritizes seamless integration into existing infrastructures, offering diverse access and authentication options tailored to each client's needs.

Furthermore, Meadow's commitment to accessibility allows users to dive into the metaverse directly from their web browsers, ensuring a smooth transition into the virtual world.

Avatar customization

Meadow's avatar customization feature gives end users full control over their personalized virtual identity, offering a wide range of face types, shapes, body types, and clothing options.

Users can select from thousands of combinations to design an avatar that aligns with their real-life appearance or desired aesthetic, offering an engaging, inclusive experience in the metaverse. Avatars can be extended with custom assets, providing even more customization possibilities.

Scalability and performance

Meadow's platform is designed to effortlessly accommodate hundreds to thousands of users simultaneously, ensuring a truly immersive and scalable metaverse experience. Leveraging cloud-based deployment models and Unreal Engine 5, the platform delivers optimal performance and high visual fidelity across all devices, from PCs to mobiles.

With the integration of Dolby Multicast, users can expect exceptional livestreaming and screen sharing experiences, enhancing the immersive nature of the metaverse without compromising on performance.

Backend features

User analytics

Tracking tools allow clients to gain insights, identify trends, and optimize user experiences within the metaverse, providing valuable insights into user preferences and trends.

Capabilities range from standard tracking features to customized experience-based tracking, giving clients flexibility to select relevant metrics for their goals. We also uphold strict compliance with data protection laws, and offer our clients full control over their data streams.

Content management

Meadow's CMS integration empowers clients to manage their virtual environments efficiently. This feature enables updates to media, such as images, videos, and other assets — keeping virtual spaces current, timely, and relevant.

The CMS also allows clients to dynamically adapt the environment, including modifying room names and descriptions, and controlling the availability of spaces.

Additionally, clients can showcase their own 3D models or products, making their metaverse spaces uniquely engaging and immersive.

Customer support

Meadow team offers customer support to assist with onboarding and during crucial events and activities — ensuring a seamless, trouble-free experience in our virtual spaces.

The standard support tier provides email and phone assistance during business hours and preset response times. The higher tier offers real-time avatar support throughout the user experience.

Security & privacy

At Meadow, we prioritize the protection of your data. Adhering to industry-leading authentication standards and European data protection laws, we provide a secure and reliable log inexperience, ensuring your personal information is always safeguarded.

By integrating with your existing Single Sign-On and Authentication APIs, we align with your security protocols, offering a unified, secure access experience and giving you full control over your data streams.