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Fabio Buccheri

November 1, 2023

How the Metaverse is Reshaping Sales at Bizzlogic

Automotive Showroom inside Meadow

Embarking on a digital odyssey

In an age where technology rapidly redefines how to experience and interact with the digital and physical world, businesses are often pushed to innovate and adapt. At Bizzlogic, we found ourselves at such a crossroad. Our VR training solutions, though groundbreaking, were tailored for local installations in offices, limiting their reach and adaptability. Clearly, new possibilities arose, promising limitless potential and adaptability. From this spirit of innovation, Meadow was born - a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining possibilities.

Evolving with challenges

Although innovative, our initial business model launched in 2020 had challenges. Based on these predictions, we had to estimate the number of visitors for specific events at specific times and pre-book cloud servers. Our clients faced the risk of unnecessary expenditures due to the discrepancy between expected and actual user numbers. Moreover, server providers like AWS absorbed the lion's share of that expense, leaving us with a less-than-optimal profit margin.

Driven by these challenges, we transitioned to a more agile model in 2022, capitalizing on our new platform's capabilities. We introduced automatic, on-demand server launches. But, while this solved many problems, it introduced new complexities, such as managing variable hosting costs and monthly tiers. Our solution? Designing packages for specific audiences allows us to determine a more accurate price per person for particular use days. A slot for a POC event now stands at a straightforward 99€ p.P, making the pricing model more transparent and easier to explain.

Revolutionizing demos

To further optimize our sales process, we had to address the elephant in the room: traditional screen-sharing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. They were unfit for our use case, as they often rendered our 3D environments at a meager 10-15 fps. Not to mention the inherently static nature of these platforms, which made sharing videos or other dynamic content a cumbersome experience.

We integrated an OBS workflow to enhance our demo quality, feeding the OBS signal directly into the webcam cast. We could circumvent some limitations by selecting the OBS source inside Teams' camera settings and toggling through various scenes. Yet, the fundamental issue remained. Clients were merely passive observers, watching our sales team navigate the space.

Bizzlogic Demo using OBS

Enter the new sales demos within Meadow. To make this transition successful, we introduced several game-changing features. Our onboarding process was streamlined to be user-friendly, with a focus on storytelling, as detailed in one of our recent blogs. Multiple use cases and demo spaces were developed within Meadow, providing diverse showcases to visitors. Moreover, we started hosting activation events. Engaging with various users within Meadow, especially with a clear objective, showcased the platform's potential more effectively than any other approach.

A vision for the future

Interestingly, the push for this immersive demo approach wasn't just internal. Our very first clients were the ones who inquired about joining us inside the platform. And their reactions post-demo? Astoundingly positive.

We envision spatial experiences like Meadow becoming integral to digital strategies. Brands have already begun to understand the sheer engagement potential of immersive spaces embedded within websites. Couple that with advancements in AI and the emergence of text-to-3D tools, and we have a digital realm teeming with possibilities.

On a personal note, this journey with Meadow has been transformative. The conventional sales methods, such as cold calls, felt increasingly obsolete, especially when attempting to explain a concept as novel as the Metaverse. Instead, positioning ourselves as thought leaders, providing knowledge, and leading clients into our services has proven far more effective.

Our recent initiatives, like the Bizzlogic Metaverse Podcast, reflect this shift in strategy. Our inaugural episode, where Johannes Crilly and I delved into the intricacies of the Metaverse, resonated with many. And our subsequent episode, where we explored the fusion of fashion and the Metaverse, broadened our horizons even further.

At Bizzlogic, we're not just selling a product but pioneering a movement. As we venture deeper into the Metaverse, our commitment is to knowledge-sharing, innovation, and ensuring our clients don't just see our vision but experience it firsthand. Welcome to Meadow, the future of digital engagement.

Fabio Buccheri

Fabio Buccheri is an XR and metaverse industry veteran. He has been involved in the space since 2014 and has worked with companies such as Bizzlogic, where he leads global sales and marketing efforts. He is also a mentor for several metaverse accelerators and has a background as a music producer and manager. In addition to his work in business development, Fabio is also an expert on XR audio technology.

November 2, 2023