Training and education in VR & AR and the METAVERSE

Training and education in VR & AR and the METAVERSE

Virtual Reality training solutions can be used to increase training efficiency and reduce downtimes of productive machines. As a result, significant time and cost savings can be achieved. Furthermore, the solution scales exponentially with the number of trained personnel. The higher the number of employees trained and machines affected, the higher the achieved savings

This type of training can also be customised through the virtual presence of trainers and social interaction. Whether virtual meetings, remote maintenance or remote presentations, all these fields have already been covered by us in the VR & AR sector and are one of our main competencies. Our customers include international clients like Cisco and Signal Iduna.

"This type of training allows employees to train and internalize even complex processes on demand without blocking a production machine.

This approach resulted in an innovative, final product, which has been in use at our customers ever since. And the "Virtual Reality Line Clearance Training" also won the Industry of Things World Awards 2019"

Britta von Selchow
Head of Digital Product Innovation
Fette Compacting GmbH
" This is what we need in Pharma, being able to train the people without blocking the machines"

Dr. Iris Ziegler
Corden Pharma GmbH
" We trained two times and the second time I was already deep in the process "

Yassin Faraq
Bayer AG
" VR Training is the next step,
for me its a must"

Albert Vallverdú
Synthon Hispania

WHY training and education in VR?

  • Simulate operational processes
  • Simulate unusual situations
  • Machines remain in production and no valuable resources are consumed
  • Better measurability through integrated tracking algorithms in VR
  • Time flexible learning
  • Reduce travel costs and​
  • improve environmental footprint
  • Employees will be more motivated to learn repetitive topics thanks to the integration of gamification


Freedom of movement in Virtual Reality makes it possible to interact with the machine. With the help of virtual hands, processes can be practiced precisely


Our application allows the direct highlighting of important processes, virtual checklists, or the observation of hidden machine components. In VR, there is no limitation to display complex processes


Through a virtual representation, trainers can ​teach content virtually, either as a recording or even live over the Internet, while connecting to their trainees.


  • Sub-licensing the solution to clients
  • Analysis of the operation of the machine
  • Training of own employees
  • Sales and marketing tool for new customer acquisition
  • Recruitment test for new personnel
  • Employee certification

Industry of Things Award 2019 -
Best on Floor Innovation

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