Things you can do on our platform

Bizzlogic is a one-stop-shop for organizing your event. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on your content, reaching your monetary goals and making meaningful connections with your audience. We offer an easy solution for hosting global events, as well as a virtual destination for attendees.

core features

Networking Features

To enable presentations inside the metaverse, attendees with the necessary rights can share their desktops onto virtual screens.

Each attendee has a user profile on our platform containing the registration information. These are displayed through a virtual business card.

Through their business cards, attendees can add each other to a contact list and start private text conversations.

Access & Customization

Your event can be accessed through a subdomain on For Custom events, we can even host your virtual destination on your domain.

Through our avatar customizer, attendees can create their own Avatar based on hundreds of combination possibilities.

Moderation Features

To keep track of the event, event organizers have access to admin tools, which allow them to moderate the event and the participants such as "speaker mode", "camera mode", "user lists" etc.

Host and influence your events in real-time by changing the content through screen-sharing or by opening and closing rooms.

Declare upcoming sessions through our announcement feature. Not only can you send push notifications to your attendees, but also give them direct access to specific locations with the push of one button.

World & Asset design

Virtual Showrooms

We have been providing 3D products in the Bizzlogic metaverse for a variety of industries, including automotive and consumer goods. We can replicate or import your brand's products so that you can launch them in the metaverse and make sure your customers get the best product experience possible. Whether you are launching a new product or showing off your latest fashion line, we will create a virtual version of your product that is just as good as—or better than—the real thing. Our 3D experts are ready to help you bring your brand to life!

Custom Worlds

We love to work with you to create custom environments for your brand. Our design team will consult you during the concept phase to learn about your needs and goals. This allows us to create a metaverse that is not only unique to your brand, but one that is successful.

At Bizzlogic, we're committed to building the best metaverse experiences. We've learned that in order to do that, you have to start by listening to your customers. That's why our team of designers, programmers, and marketers work closely with you from the beginning of the process until the end. You'll be involved in every step so that we can create a metaverse experience tailored to your needs—and it'll look great on any device!

Our Template Worlds

Bizzlogic provides a series of brandable template environments which can be used for your own events. By changing the key colours and logos inside the environments, this is the easiest and quickest way for your brand to host metaverse events based on our platform.

Our template rooms range from networking halls, auditoriums and small meeting rooms up to fair halls with booths.

Storytelling & Gamification

Immersive Experiences

While enabling a global target group to immerse themselves into unforgettable experiences, brands can set apart with each event by building upon the existing experiences with new rooms, immersive stories or exchanging the virtual assets.

Interactive Storytelling

Our team is specialised in creating engaging brand experiences with beautiful designs. For our global clients such as P&G, BMW, SAP, AO Foundation, Smith & Nephew and many more, Bizzlogic created incredible and unique experiences with storytelling and gamification elements. Get your visitors engaged with your world, your products and your brand by creating playful experiences.

Access & Sustainability

Cutting-Edge Hosting

Our AWS-based servers can be specifically distributed for your events. By allocating one server for each user in specific regions, we can provide a secure and stable experience for all concurrent users. We can host up to 150 avatars in one room and host unlimited rooms in parallel, which allows for a highly scalable event solution. Our cutting-edge web technology enables our users to be completely device-independent when entering our metaverse events and not having to install anything on their device.

Device Independence

Through virtual worlds, you can meet with our customers and business partners worldwide and participate in highly accessible virtual events together. Already prepared for the future of mixed reality, we create a bridge for the future by allowing you to be ready for VR mass adoption.

This is possible with sustainable and reusable metaverse environments, which can be explored by everyone installation free via browser.

Reusable Worlds

Your metaverse experience does not have to end with your first event. Our clients make use of our sustainable platform by re-hosting different event formats in their own spaces over and over again. These can be either internal team events, dedicated media tours or open networking events. The advantages of reduced planning and travelling expenses as well as a ready to go environment make the decision to re-host much easier. While enabling a global target group to immerse themselves into unforgettable experiences, brands can set apart with each event by building upon the existing experiences with new rooms, immersive stories or exchanging the virtual assets.

User Management & Analytics


Due to the strengths of avatar platforms and the emotional connection of users, we can handle metaverse events similarly to physical events, thus staff them with real people and event supervisors. With our vast experience of past events, Bizzlogic cannot only help you to create beautiful spaces and suggest the right event formats through our best practices, but also help you with different support levels during your event.


Launch the registration to your event with our "Cognito" based registration system. Users receive unique accounts, which enable them to log in to your event.

Our team is experienced in docking onto several registration & account system API's. For your custom event, we can build an implementation to make your user's life easier by giving them access to their existing credentials from your infrastructure.


A big advantage of metaverse events is the ability to quantify user behaviour during an event. While metaverse analytics are highly adaptable to specific interactions inside the environments, our standard analytics can contain valuable information about your event.
  • Sum of registrations
  • Unique users in app
  • Average time in app per user
  • Average opened business cards per user
  • Sum of opened business cards
  • Average voice chats initiated per user
  • Sum of initiated voice chats
  • Sum of booth visits per booth
  • Sum of screen watch time per user
  • Average chat characters used per user
  • Sum of characters used
  • Average emoticons used per user
  • Sum of emoticons used
  • Average time voice chat used per user
  • Sum of time voice chat used
  • Sum of initiated group discussions
  • Total duration of group discussions
  • Average time of group discussions

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