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We get it. You're trying to host a workshop, launch a new product, or organize a conference. This always means reaching a specific audience while staying within your budget limit and finding the right location.

Gillette 601 Razor Experience @P&G Lifelab 2022
Rimasys - World Surgery Tour 2021

Your Event Hub for Success

We offer a way to make your brand come alive and create buzz for your events and products that results in increased interaction and engagement. All of this can happen with our intuitive all-in-one solution for global events. With our help, you can host successful events without having to worry about location and travel planning, or budget limits.

P&G LifeLab 2022
Crest Defenders Experience @P&G Lifelab 2022
"HERO" Concert Experience @Sony Virtual Showcase

If this sounds familiar, then we have the perfect solution

But let's face it—existing channels aren't enough anymore. You're not getting the desired engagement in video conferences; your brand is getting less interaction on your website and physical events are hard to justify due to their lack of sustainability and inclusiveness.

Beauty Presentation @P&G Lifelab 2022
Smith & Nephew - Cori Virtual Launch 2021

Make your brand stand out

We help you generate brand awareness and increase engagement with your content and products by providing an exciting experience that attracts participants and keeps them entertained throughout their visit.

Our main

Bizzlogic is a full-service provider for organizing your event. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on your content, reaching your monetary goals and making meaningful connections with your audience. We offer an easy solution for hosting global events, as well as a permanent virtual destination for attendees.

Direct Access via Browser

No need to install anything or bring new software into your companies’ infrastructure. Our platform runs natively on the web using the latest cloud rendering technology!

Spatial Communication

With avatars, spatial voice chat and 3D virtual spaces, attendees can interact in the most natural way.

Customized Spaces

Your brand's Corporate Identity  can be easily implemented to our virtual world. Our design team can create beautiful, tailored rooms specifically  for your brand or your event.

Secure & Trusted

Due to our cloud rendering nature, our platform is secure & trusted by global players in the B2B and B2C space.

Highly Measurable

Keep track of your virtual destination through our highly sophisticated analytics tools specifically built for the application in the virtual space.

Real Time Events

Host and manage your events in real-time by changing the content through screen-sharing, creating polls, making use of our presentation features or by opening and closing rooms.

professional networking everywhere

Engage with your customers, employees, and business partners with our powerful and flexible metaverse platform.

Bizzlogic is a secure metaverse platform that makes it easy to create unique and engaging experiences and events, including meetings, learning events, product presentations, social gatherings and more.

Cable Car Intro Experience @AO Davos Courses
Networking Event @BMW Digital Dialogue
Interactive Workshop @Hemsday
Bugatti/Gillette Experience @P&G Lifelab 2022

Trusted globally

Bizzlogic is a trusted metaverse platform used by the world's leading businesses, which allows you to create remarkable online experiences for your customers, employees, partners, and anyone right through the browser.

Music Festival Experience @Elbjazz Festival
Bugatti/Gillette Experience @P&G Lifelab 2022

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BIzzlogic Base Feature Set
Number of Visitors
Number of Virtual Rooms
Browser Access
Branding & CI Implementation
Advanced Analytics
Event Support
Bizzlogic Authentication System
Custom Authentication System
Custom Designed Environments
Storytelling Experiences & Gamification
Implementation of 3D Assets

Meeting & 
Workshop Packages

  • Up to 25 visitors
  • 1

Conference Event Packages

  • Up to 250 visitors
  • 4

Custom Metaverse Event

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited