Get Your brand inTO
the metaverse

Get Your brand inTO
the metaverse

"Virtual conferences are the future and Bizzlogic provides a beautiful virtual space for encounters and engagement. With solutions like this we can put the human experience back into online conferencing.

At con gressa we specialize in online science events. Bizzlogic provided us with a networking and a scientific poster session space for one of our events and we even had a party in VR. The attendees loved it and had many opportunities network in ways that would not be possible with a conventional online event"

Jörg Weiss
con gressa
"Creating an exciting virtual alternative for our networking conference for mathematicians and computer scientists was a real challenge. We needed to provide various environments ideal for poster presentations to networking lounges and photo exhibitions. Bizzlogic delivered, plus they even designed a venue for evening social events.

Bizzlogic’s VR solution made it possible to network and portrayed the feeling of togetherness in a way that mirrored an in-person conference."

Sarah MacLeod
Young Researchers Relations
Heidelberg Laureate ForumManually edited translation
"With Virtual Events we could meet from all over the word and work together on different topics. A big benefit is the type of communication. The Avatars and realistic sound conditions make it feel very close to real.

Besides normal video conferences, we had the chance for our valuable and missing break-chats.. "

Tim Klingenhof
Head of Training
Fette Compacting GmbH

Through virtual worlds we have the possibility to meet with our customers and business partners worldwide from our own office and participate in virtual events and trade fairs that can take place parallel to the actual events.

The opportunities created by Avatar Events are very diverse and will shape our future.

P&G brought its immersive LifeLab to CES 2021 & 2022.


2021, the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble has partnered with Bizzlogic to reinvent a digital version of LifeLab, which will launch at CES. The brand new immersive virtual platform invites media, partners, entrepreneurs and consumers worldwide to explore P&G brand innovations and its citizenship stories. P&G's LifeLab is at the forefront of innovation in brand engagement and is a new way to explore immersive narrative stories and put the consumer at the centre of the experience.

LifeLab presented two brand experiences - OralB iO and home care products such as Microban, Cascade and Febreze along with a 50L Home Sustainability experience. The P&G LifeLab theatre hosted the P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge, leadership panels and brand presentations.

Bizzlogic’s platform provided a professional environment for extensive virtual tours, conversation and planned events. During the three days, the P&G LifeLab hosted over 4,000 visits with 400 simultaneous visitors in avatar form who mingled and interacted with P&G staff and brand experiences. Four metaverses and dedicated VIP servers guaranteed an enjoyable and focused experience for every visitor and partner in these custom-tailored LifeLab and brand environments.

The collaboration went on in 2022. For the most recent Consumer Electronics show the P&G LifeLab was enhanced by even more immersive and gamified brand experiences for brands such as Gillette, Crest, Beauty and many more.

For more information about P&G LifeLab, please visit

Live presentations in the Theatre


  • Fully Browser-Based
  • Implemented screen sharing feature in virtual auditorium and meeting rooms
  • Large number of virtual environments that are accessible at all times
  • Bold and exciting virtual presentations
  • Livestreaming for presentations
  • Moderation features for events
  • User profiles & virtual business cards for networking

Minimalist and Flexible design

  • Fully customizable
  • Choose from our range of existing spaces
  • Or offer your customers a unique environment tailored to your brand
  • Also, scans of unique environments from the real world can be used

A busy day in the LifeLab.

Customizable Avatars

thousands of possible combinations and countless colour adjustments.
Avatars can be extended with goodies and other customisations.

Virtual rooms as a central meeting hub

  • Reduce resources needed planning
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Boost sustainability efforts
  • Customers immerse themselves in adapted environments
  • Extend your reach with global availability
  • Events can be distinctive trough immersive content
  • Your Metaverse as a recurring digital entry point
  • Parallel conversations are possible
  • Your Metaverse as a rich space to generate content for social media and marketing.