create your Custom event in the bizzlogic Metaverse

Marketing is changing - And we believe that you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than the best.

The way we consume media is changing, and that's changing how we interact with brands. We're no longer satisfied with just seeing a commercial or an article about a product—we want to be able to get up close and personal with the things we love.

We are dedicated to creating a world where brands can globally connect with their audience directly, without having to rely on outside influences or physical limitations. This allows you to create an intimate brand experience that can be sustained over time and within budget.

We offer you a way to make your brands tangible, increase interaction with potential customers through online events and activities, increase brand recognition and visibility, and help you develop sustainable long-term plans for maintaining consistent brand exposure.

Tailored metaverse
Event package

Custom Metaverse experiences
with Bizzlogic

Our platform gives you the ability to create beautiful, branded events that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via one simple URL. We can provide you with everything from beautiful branding elements, to live content streamed into rooms, gamification features and storytelling elements which allow your event to capture users’ attention and keep then retained.

You receive a custom platform hosted on your own domain. You can choose from a selection of template rooms, which will be branded to your CI and/or you can let our design team develop one or multiple rooms for your event concept based on our established metaverse framework. Fully fictional or on digital clones of existing locations, we include fitting brand characteristic storytelling and gamification elements to your designs. 

Our team is specialized in creating engaging brand experiences with a lot of experience through projects with our global clients such as P&G, BMW, AO Foundation, Smith & Nephew and many more. Make your products pop in 3D space. Introduce the visitors to your brand through an intro experience, or create a digital twin of your existing showroom.

Preparation time: 1-6 months

Custom Metaverse Event

  • Unlimited attendees
  • Custom event specific features and interactive formats
  • Storytelling experiences
  • Gamification elements
  • Adaption, optimization & placement of delivered 3D Assets
  • Storytelling experiences
  • Second level phone & email support
  • All features from our base feature set